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When ever you are not playing on your table, keep it covered! We can not stress this enough. Cover your table. Covering your table will protect it from everything, even things you would not think of, like walking by with a glass of water, tripping and oops spilled on the table, or worse, wine. Pets, their hair goes every where, keeping the table covered will help keep it off your table.


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Do not use a brush on your pool table. The brush will wear out your cloth quicker. To clean your cloth, use a flat head nozzle to vacuum (NO BEATER BRUSHES) lightly glide it along the surface, do not push down. From time to time, your may also use a sticky lint roller. The chalk in your cloth helps the ball to grab easier, so a little bit of chalk will not hurt the table, do not over clean your cloth, as this will wear it out quicker as well. Most home tables need to be recovered every 3-5 years, depending on use. If used daily, with lots of hard play, like in pool halls, then usually every 1-2 years the cloth will need to be changed. Alternate breaking and racking from both ends of your table to help wear cloth evenly. Keep your table covered when not using, this will protect the table from sun light and the obvious dust. Do not use your table as a work bench. The table has three sections of slate, if to much pressure is applied to one section, the seams may be affected and change the roll of the table. Do not allow anyone to eat or drink over the table and NEVER place drinks on the table. Liquids will obviously damage the cloth, and possibly the slate.


Your table has been professionally installed in a precise position. The table is a heavy piece of furniture. Attempts to move the table can harm the slate, aprons and rails. Call for any type of moving of the table you need. Occasionally, especially with very new homes or very old homes, your table will settle and might need to be re-leveled. This happens rarely, but it can happen.

Please call if you feel your table is out of level.

Any questions or concerns about your table please feel free to call or e-mail