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Table location within a room in your home can sometimes be a touchy subject. We are pool players at Independent Billiard Services, making playability our #1 priority above appearance. We have from time to time, run across interior decorators and actually table owners who prefer to have a pool table set up in a location that will defiantly take away from playability. We will always suggest the best playable location within the room. We will explain our reason for the location and point out any and all obstacles within the room BEFORE the base frame has been leveled.

We will make sure the customer is happy with the tables’ location, and will move, even if against our better judgment of course because it is your table and we want you to be happy.

Once the frame has been leveled and the slate is in place, our crew will not move the table.

Please do not ask them.


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Suggested Room Size


Measuring Your Table

7' Pool Table (38" x 76" playing surface)
Suggested Room Size 13' x 16'
  To determine the size of your pool table, measure the width, tip to tip on the bumpers, where the ball makes contact.
8' Pool Table (44" x 88" playing surface)
Suggested Room Size 13.5' x 17'
  38"-40" = 7' pool table
Pro 8' Pool Table (46" x 92" playing surface)
Suggested Room Size 13.5' x 17.5'
  44" = 8' pool table
  46" = Pro 8' pool table
9' Pool Table (50" x 100" playing surface)
Suggested Room Size 14' x 18'
  50" = 9' pool table