Terms of Services

When scheduling service please give all the details, if you are hiring us to move your pool table, that is what we are moving, please let us know ahead of time if you have conversion tops, or other items you would like us to move with the table, failure to disclose additional items will result in additional charges.

Independent Billiard Services will need a clear and safe path for all pool table moves, failure to provide such path can may result in none movement of your pool table. Pool tables are heavy and cumbersome items. We take every precaution to protect your home and table from any damage. Please understand, for our installers safety and your homes/pool tables safety, our installers will NOT wear protective booties on their feet, as this creates an extremely UNSAFE slippery surface for them to attempt to move 200+pounds piece of slate. In the winter, in the event of snow, please make every effort to keep the path in which they will be walking free of snow and ice.

Please be ready for your installer, when they come with your table, please do not ask them to wait while you move furniture or clean. You scheduled with us, it is not a surprise when we show up, PLEASE be ready. If the crew has to wait for you to move furniture or clean you will be charged.

Payment must be made the day of service or BEFORE we do not bill or offer open accounts. We accept all forms of payment - cash - check - credit card.

Bounced Checks - In the event we receive a returned check - we will notify the customer, and request either cash payment or electronic payment with a $40 return check fee. In the event the next payment is returned as well, cash will be the only payment option from then forward, with an additional $40 fee.

Cancellations - Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment.

Independent Billiard Services reserves the right to make changes to the above terms at any time.